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Newtonmore Museum

The Newtonmore Museum

Highland Folk Museum Gold Green TourismHighland Folk Museum has achieved Gold in Green Tourism

The Highland Folk, Newtonmore is a one mile long, eighty acre (32 Hectare) living history site.   The site was bought in the 1980s but did not open until 1995 since when it has been proactively developed and enhanced.

Within sight of the Cairngorm Mountains this interesting and varied landscape site combines farmland, woodland and open areas.   These areas are interpreted through re-located and re-created buildings and features, working demonstrations and live interpreters.

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The site portrays aspects of 200 years of Highland rural life starting with the early 1700s and ending with the mid 1900s.

In addition to interpretation and activity programs, visitors to the site are offered an audio visual introduction, café facilities, toilets, children's play area, shop, picnic areas and on site travel in period style vehicles.

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